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Carl had heard half of the conversation. Eight of the ten minutes had gone. Now that he could do nothing, he felt afraid. He could feel his hand in the handcuffs shaking. Harald felt it too and held Carl’s hand with his own.
‘Don’t worry, Mr Sandberg,’ Harald whispered. ‘We’ll get out of here.’ ‘Perhaps,’ Carl answered. ‘And perhaps not. But I don’t want these murderers to go free.’
‘Ssh!’ Harald whispered. Carl looked up and saw the girl watching them. Then suddenly, the bearded man shouted, ‘They’re coming! Look! Get ready!’
The girl went into the Captain’s cabin. Harald and Carl stood up and looked through a window. They saw three men pushing some steps across the tarmac. The men put the steps outside the plane door and then went back again. Then two more men came out of the building. They were wearing bright yellow coats because of the rain. One man walked towards the plane.

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